Rebuild Services

Rebuild Short Block: shovel & evo $695.00,twin cam $1295.00

Disassemble the crankcase . The rods are rebuilt and all bushings and bearings are replaced. The bearing races are align honed to next oversize and then fit with oversized bearings. The oil pump is rebuilt. All cam gears and clearences are checked. 5 peice flywheel are balanced,assembled,retrued & assembled in cases,TC get all new bearings,along with clearances checked.F/W`s are balanced,rebuilt,trued plugged & welded (add 325.00 for timken conversion)

Rebuild Complete Motor: shovel & evo $1200.00 twin cam $2095.00

Everything that is included in the short block with the addition of: Boring and honing cylinders, the fitting of oversized pistons, the setting of ring caps, a 3 angle valve job, rebuild the rocker assembly, reassemble the motor

Stroker Motor: shovel & evo $1550.00 call for twin cam pricing

Everything that is included in the more rebuild with the addition of: Boring cases, machining all stroker clearences, modifying breather timing specs, set up for a larger cam. Outside oil returns on shovels is optional for $70.00.

Unleaded Conversion: $725.00

Disassemble and beadblast heads. Remove and install top quality high nickel chrome alloy valve seats, cast iron guides, hard chrome valves, pack springs and reassemble.

Three Angle Valve Job: $375.00 (M8 895.00)

Disassemble and beadblast heads. Cut valves to 45 degrees and seats to 30 degrees, .100 wide, 45 degrees .065 wide and 60 degrees .065 wide (we have many different SERDI cutting bits,& will use the best one for your application). Install and Sunnen hone guides, check spring pack, and reassemble.

Rebuild 4 speed Transmission: $695.00

Disassemble and check all gears, shafts, and clutches for wear or cracks. Replace all bearings and any worn parts. Reassemble and set up to factory specs.

Rebuild 5 speed Transmission: $690.00

Same as 4 speed transmission.